Where We Are

Our Location

Thornview 55+ facility is located at 5600 Centre Street N and is part of the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Centre, a central location that is easily accessible from the 4 corners of Calgary and beyond.

Our facility is located a scant 200 metres North from the intersection of McKnight Blvd and Centre Street.

  • From the NW corner of Calgary,  you can expect to arrive at 5600 Centre Street N in 20 minutes via John Laurie Blvd and McKnight Blvd to a left turn onto Centre Street
  • From the NE access is via McKnight Blvd to a right turn onto Centre St N
  • From the SW your most direct route is from Bow Trail to 14th Street and 14th Street to John Laurie Blvd and McKnight Blvd then North (a left turn) onto Centre Street
  • From the SE you would travel North on Deerfoot Trail to McKnight Blvd which will take you to Centre Street and McKnight Blvd where you will turn right

Learn about the benefits
of being a member

Thornview 55+ invites you to come and participate in our many  activities. The Annual Membership Fee is $30 which allows you to participate in as many activities that you would like. For inquiries, please contact Rodney at 403-606-6313.

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